Jet New

Founder / Data Scientist

Marsiling Park, Singapore.

🕶️ Hi! I’m building an AI agent for the browser at AgentScale AI.

🎓 I graduated in CS from the National University of Singapore in 2023, with both ML engineering and AI research experience.

💼 I previously worked as:

  • Data Scientist Intern at Indeed (2022)
  • Student AI Researcher at NUS (2021)
  • Machine Learning Engineer Intern at Grab (2021)

🧠 I run AI Space, an AI community in Singapore with 600+ people, e.g. at Google Developer Space.


Jun 1, 2023 I’ve started my startup journey at AgentScale AI!
Apr 1, 2023 My offer has been rescinded due to the layoffs, and I am open to new opportunities!
Oct 1, 2022 I will be joining Indeed as a data scientist upon graduation! 🥳