Jet New

Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

📄 Resume

💻 I’m a final year computer science undergraduate at the National University of Singapore, enrolled in the Turing Research Programme and University Scholars Programme.

♟️ I’m currently researching object-centric world models for multi-agent reinforcement learning, advised by Asst Prof Harold Soh and Prof Lee Wee Sun.

💼 I previously interned as a data scientist at Indeed and machine learning engineer at Grab.

🧠 I run an AI interest group with ~200 people, to meet new people with similar interests in AI.


Feb 1, 2022 I will be interning at Indeed as Data Scientist in the coming Summer 2022.
Jan 1, 2022 I’ll be researching graph neural networks for model-based multi-agent reinforcement learning under Prof Lee Wee Sun and Asst Prof Harold Soh.
Dec 1, 2021 My CS4246 project on graph neural networks for multi-agent reinforcement learning won the internal class project competition.
Aug 1, 2021 I was awarded Silver in the NUS School of Computing Student Awards for Accomplishment.


  1. Paper
    Representation Learning for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning: A Survey
    New, Jun Jie